23 Things (5)

This week, we are tasked with playing around with neat things. Online image generators, web 2.0 award winners, and games. I could go on and on about all of these things, but I will focus on a few things:

  • Please see previous post about Glogster. I am totally loving it. And while it’s not technically an image generator, nor is Animoto, these two tools have direct connection to my subject and age group.
  • Of the CNET web 2.0 winners for 2009, I use 25 of the apps on a regular basis and have familiarity with them all. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without Google Docs anymore. And, I’m a facebook junkie.
  • Onto games. I spent three weeks this summer finding and using online literacy games for my campers. This one, Peace Corps Challenge, was a great way to learn so many things about the world, economic development, compassion etc… I do also have an affinity for Wordles.
  • Here is a wordle about me.
  • Wordle: Ms.ThomasIs.

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