Back to School Night.

For back to school night this year, we were instructed to “hook” our audience about our curriculum. I decided to skip powerpoint and go directly to Glogster. I wanted to use a tool that I would actually use with students to articulate the nuts and bolts of what I will do with their lovely children this year.

I’m pretty psyched about my back to school night Glog. I now pray humbly to the technology gods that our wireless works in the Gym tomorrow night!

3 thoughts on “Back to School Night.

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I just made a glog for fun. I’ve signed up my students and am going to see what they can do with it. It’s so much fun and has quite a few applications. Your glog looks great!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Nice glog! My students are making them for their V.I.P. posters. I’m amazed at how quickly they caught on! This is a tool that I will use often!

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