23 Things 6: PLN

PLN’s! I love my Personal Learning Network. I am often isolated by subject, schedule, and space here at school and I feel connected through my PLN. I use several things to stay connected.

First, Twitter! I have found more interesting tools, tips, articles, and resources from my PLN on twitter than any other of my PLN sources. Likewise, I am a NING-nut.  Despite the fact that NING has changed its tune and become a pay for service organization, I’m pleased to be a member of several alive and kicking groups.

I also read a random sampling of blogs by music teachers, technology teachers, and other amazing teacher-types that provide sources of inspiration, commiseration, and guidance.  There are people who I admire tremendously who have no idea who I am and have no idea their positive impact on my professional development. I met them through PLN connections and I’m grateful!

Wanna be PLN mates?

Follow my blog in a google reader, follow me on Twitter, come hang out with me in one of the social networks above. We’ll collab and learn together!

One thought on “23 Things 6: PLN

  1. Sarah, your blog is incredible!….so unless I’m missing something along the way, a PLN is just a version of an online PLC…so we can have our own PLC and PLN in one at school!

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