We have a new normal all around us. The new normal can sometimes change by the hour. On a typical day, I would walk 4-6k steps per day just at school. My day would include meetings with teammates, popping into classrooms, planning ahead, and putting out day to day firest. Lunch would have lots of vegetables lovingly prepared by our kitchen FLIK Dining staff. I would walk past the fish tank and talk to the sea of Nemos and Dories. My desk stands up and my body rarely sits.


In my new normal, we are effectively using a virtual meet platform to conduct more frequent leadership and team meetings. I am completely surrounded by my two fur children who remind me if a squirrel invader, neighbor dog surveillance, or the sweet amazon truck by singing the songs of their people in a robust forte. My desk is my dining table and for the first time in 18 months, I have a window with sunshine. I have three different screens available to meet up and connect, plan, write, and follow up. I’ve used the time to explore new tools to provide asynchronous learning while still giving a human face and voice. My workday starts around 7:30 as normal and goes as long as it needs to, for now. My teams have seen me making lunch, correcting my furry co-workers, and constantly trying to find the best angle to avoid my neck wrinkles. As an introvert, I’m finding the videoconferences exhausting but I know that I’ll find a groove. I trust it.

The co-workers

In the new reality adjustment, developing balance is important. Also, a new perspective of what matters is important. The Greater Good Science Center of Berkeley has incredible resources for these ever-evolving and disconnecting times and re-posted a beautiful set of daily quarantine questions created by photographer Brooke Anderson. I adapted these to a checklist for me to find balance and peace in each day. Self-care may be a cliche but it is so very important, especially in these perilous times. Staying well, caring for families, caring for self–all surpasses all things.

I’ve been so grateful for the way that artists, churches, communities, museums, and companies have made space for virtual connection. Online read-alouds, doodles with Mo, visits to the zoo, free access to books for kids and screencasting services for teachers are great opportunities to learn and balms for the weary soul. (Yes, I realize these are also all part of the digital equity gap. That’s another post for another day.)

As I reflect on day four (which feels like day forty), if I could offer any advice, it would be around patience and grace. We are all on very steep learning curves. It might be easy to criticize what someone is doing right versus others. I encourage you to make space for learning and growing, for yourself and for others. (Except for those people who are still crowded on the beach in Florida….those people need to go home.<3) Sending you peace and grace for this time.

What are the gifts of your new realities? What are the thorns? How can I help? Let me know, @teach2connect


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