Currents: Listens & Reads


Cult of Pedagogy: Moving from Feedback to Feedforward Jennifer Gonzales talks to Joe Hirsch about the concept of changing feedback to feedforward, particularly in the frame of teacher evaluation. This is definitely worth having a conversation around for teachers and administrators alike.

Aspen Ideas to Go: Walter Isaacson talks to Norman Lear and Khizr Khan about Understanding American Values This is an engaging hour of conversation between an icon and a patriot facilitated by a genius. Enjoy.


The Principled Principal: 10 Principles for Leading Exceptional Schools by Jeffrey Zoul & Anthony McConnell This is an easy-to-read yet chock full of wisdom book that explores the need for principals to be led by core principles to successfully lead a school. I really appreciate the discussion of culture crushers. (Halfway through, but a full review will come after I’m done.)

Accident by Andrea Tsurumi This is a lovely children’s book packed with wisdom for any age. Accidents happen–how we react to them is everything.

Have a great week!

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