Currents: Listens & Reads

Volume 3!! It was a light week in the listening/reading world, I admit it but here are a few nuggets for you.


Audiobook: The Power of Moments, Dan & Chip Heath I am only a few chapters into this latest thought-provoker by the Heath Brothers but I’m already hooked. The book explores examples of how we experience four elemental moments throughout our lives: elevation, insight, pride, and connection. This book is chock full of relevance for us as educators and leaders.

Washington National Cathedral Forum: Brené Brown & Bishop Mariann Budde I am a Brené Brown groupie, as I know many educators are based on her message of empathy, vulnerability, and courage. While this conversation is in a religious context, the emphasis on courage, honesty, and connection has direct correlations to our work with children and families.


Harvard Business Review: The Culture Factor This is a series of articles that look at organizational structure, leadership, and climate through the lens of culture. Most interesting to me are the eight styles of company (organizational) culture and how these interplay.


source: from HBR article, The Culture Factor

Screen Time? How About Creativity Time, Mitchel Resnick, MIT In our ever-growing debate whether screens are good or evil, Dr. Resnick offers some insight into both sides of the coin and encourages a new narrative–screen time as creativity. He makes the clear distinction that not all screen time is created equal and emphasizes focusing on quality vs. quantity in the screen time debate.

Have a great week!

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