what I’m reading this week.

This is such a good week for me as an educator. Five days for time with friends, cleaning the house, sleeping a little later, and catching up on that reading list that piled up over the fall.

Here’s on my list this week:

Design Thinking for Educators
How are we looking at the design process to guide our students to solve authentic problems? This handbook and subsequent workbook give great tools to explore the steps of DT for the classroom.

The Answer Sheet-The Washington Post
A great look about how the emphasis on STEM impacts the study of Humanities. Are we teaching our children to be wise, ethical, deep thinkers? Can we truly give them an holistic education with an out of balance look at any one subject over another? TBD…

A Brand New World in Which Men Ruled-nytimes
A reflection on the Stanford class of ’94 and the gender gaps therein at the onset of the Internet boom. (Also a mention to two of my favorite ladies, Summer Sanders and Rachel Maddow, members of the class.)

Why Understanding Obstacles is Essential to Achieving Goals-kqed mind shift
An NYU professor tells us it is not enough to be the little engine that could to think our way to success. She offers a system, “woop”, wish-outcome-obstacle-plan, to help students achieve goals. I like this idea as I think we simply must give kids tools to success beyond placations.

In the Midst of Winter: Selections from the Literature of Mourning
While I’m reading this for personal reading, it is an amazing collection of quotations, poetry, and prose to engage in the task of mourning and exploring the stages of grief. It might be an excellent companion for literature class or a gift for those in your life struggling with loss.

What are you reading this break? Tweet me and we’ll discuss! @teach2connect

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