It’s Comin’ on Christmas

I walked into our school building today and it hit me–Christmas break begins on Friday. Where did this time go? Obviously, I had a period time where everything stopped and I had to dis-engage from school for a few weeks. (This was tremendously difficult and not without sneaking peeks at email.)

Despite the crazy life times, I am really proud of all of the things that have happened in ed-tech this semester at Norwood. I’ve seen teachers stretch themselves, old ideas refined, new ideas flourish, and, in the end, the kids are the winners! Some highlights:

  • Every single teacher in the Lower School tried Hour of Code with their students. (EVERY SINGLE ONE!)
  • One of our 4th grade reading classes is in year four of successful blogging and the system is working beautifully. (Want to collaborate with us? Tweet me.)
  • Our K team has used lab resources for math at least once a month and has continued to support Centers.
  • Several of our Math teachers are infusing games into their curriculum to strengthen and expand computation skills. (Math Doodles totally rules.)
  • E-books abound in several classes and screencasts start this week in 4th grade math!
  • The 5th grade team is chomping at the bit to open up our Minecraft Rome unit at the beginning of January.
  • Reading centers in 1st grade includes a tech component and each week I have amazing readers come through my door.
  • Middle School Coding Workshop is off to a great start with lots of light-bulb moments and some lovely collaboration.
  • One of the awesome MS teachers is exploring flipping and is having great success.

I am so proud of all of the work of my colleagues and friends. We are peeping through the keyhole of re-thinking learning and I am so very happy about it. I think 2015 will bring even more ideas to our pedagogical table and I can’t wait to see what is next.

It also wouldn’t be a last post of 2014 without offering my immense gratitude to the entire edu-community and specifically my Norwood Blue Hawks. Not a day has passed, really not a minute has passed, where I haven’t felt compassion, love, and patience. I am truly grateful and hope that I can continue to express my thankfulness as our calendars flip to the next page.

May this holiday season bring you lots of time with family, a comfy chair for reading, snuggles of furried and child types, full bellies, warm hearts, and perhaps a gadget or two.



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