remembering when they can’t remember.

My current crop of children are between the ages of 5 and 14. The oldest ones were only a year old at most when the towers fell and the Pentagon burned. How do you explain to them a horror that happened only a few miles away? How do you even begin to share this moment that is real for many of the adults in their lives yet only an historical moment for them. Much like the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and Pearl Harbor are a piece of history for me yet so real for the generations who came first, I suppose we show them the pursuit of honor and reverence for courage, peace, and share stories of hope. It is hard to be a teacher in a time of war. However, these children have never lived the blissful existence of troops generally safe at home and abroad. They have never known a time without public, flag-draped caskets. Yet, we still offer hope. We still offer lessons both intentional and unintentional on modeling, love, compassion, global unity, and peace. We allow the children to come to their understanding of suffering and pain in their own time and hope they will become the “good ones.” Working for justice. Working for Peace.

On this day, we try just a bit harder to show them the lessons that really matter in this world. As we, the adults, each have our own memorial.

The work we do is noble my friends. May this day find you blessed with strength, courage, and hope.


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