Lucky 13



This year marks my 13th year in education (technically 12.5 until January**, but I’m calling it even.) Each year has brought new challenges, joys, children, adults, programs, rooms, and resources to create a fantastic time of learning and growing. I am really excited about the new adventures I am able to undertake in 2014.2015 including curriculum review, a new coding course, and more parent education for the digital age. We are blessed with a new Head of School this year and the buzz around our campus is enthusiastic and optimistic. I can’t wait to watch the change process from both a boots on the ground perspective and a 30,000 feet view. 

My intention for the year is set to focus on my own humility as a leader and to encourage others to grow their own practice in a way that makes learning personal and meaningful for everyone. This begins this week with 1:1 new teacher tech training. We’ve moved this from whole group to 1:1 so that I can establish relationships, gauge each new teachers comfort with tech, and open up lines of communication in order to serve them this year. I’m so excited to meet our new faculty! 

Do you set an intention or specific goal each year that trumps all others? I started this practice three years ago and have found that if I have that one mission-driven word to come back to each year, I can maintain focus and simultaneously build a character skill. In my first year, I chose patience and last year, I chose courage. This is my personal challenge to self, unattached from my professional growth goals with my boss. I find this really keeps me accountable to growing.

So here’s to Lucky #13 and all my best wishes for you as you begin your new school year! Make it your personal best.


**Oh and how about a look back to that very first year. 2001 in Iowa.



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