NAIS Teacher of the Future, a beginning

Today begins a new adventure in teaching and learning. I am currently at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia to participate in the 2014-2015 NAIS Teacher of the Future Conference. (Here is where I have to insert that from here on out, Teacher of the Future must be said with a superhero-esque voice.) This is an orientation for our cohort of 35 independent school educators from across the US. We will spend 2.5 days learning and talking about one of our themes for 14-15, Blended and Online Learning.

Let’s back up for a second for me to say that this is a tremendous honor for me to be a part of this cohort and to represent Norwood. I was graciously nominated by my dear colleague, partner in PD crime, and edu-twin Shannon and feel so blessed to have the opportunity. I really love learning and to be a part of a group that is going to have a year-long conversation to benefit our schools, well, that is just plain super-duper.

So, we have begun what will be a year-long journey focusing on four themes: Blended and Online Learning, Student Health and Wellness, Assessment, and Accreditation. We will look at each of these through the lens of growth and innovation. In our introduction today, John Chubb, NAIS President, said that we cannot be content with stability in our schools, that we must grow and innovate to be successful (that is, of course, a paraphrase.) To this, I say, AMEN! I have spent my entire career so far being constantly committed to re-thinking practice, to ask “why”, to seek feedback, and to try new ideas. For the next few days, I get to be in a room with like-minded folks  to grapple with ideas of innovation, change, and practice. We will be able to take these ideas into our individual schools and work with the willing, the skeptical, and the stalwart, to grow our schools for the 21st century and beyond! This is a tremendously exciting prospect and I can’t wait to see our work unfold before us.



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