coaching innovation (pre-course)

Today is Day One of Global Online Academy’s PD Course: Coaching Innovation! I’m excited for a two week intensive course to learn strategies for working/coaching teachers in innovation and creativity. We are using Canvas as our LMS which seems a bit similar to Haiku in a lot of ways but so for their iOS app totally rules (Haiku only has an iPad version.) I was struggling to get good quality video for my intro to the class and uploaded directly from my iPhone to Canvas, voila! The video clip I took on the iPhone was the best quality over my mac webcam and my lenovo yoga webcam. Woot! Score points for Canvas.







This will be my first time taking a course from GOA, so I’m excited to explore the process of blended learning. This is of particular interest as the NAIS-Teacher of the Future topic of the year is Blended Learning. (more on that later!!) So I will approach this course both from its content of Coaching Innovation and from its instructional design. A two-fer learning experience is always good!! Stay tuned for reflections!



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