The why before the how

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last two and a half years as a tech integrator asking questions. I usually start with, “what are your goals or objectives?” “What do you want your kids to know or be able to do, regardless of tech.” From there, a process of choosing the right tool, pace, and content for the project comes naturally.

When we start any conversation in ed tech with an app or a device, we are cutting short the conversation. We aren’t allowing learning to drive our choices but rather the tool. Unless we are speaking in the terms of CS or STEM, most technology is being used to enrich and enhance a learning process or product. (At least in the S and A stages of SAMR.)

As our ed tech revolution drives through our schools at an unprecedented pace, we simply must continually return to the why and what of our teaching. This will provide a pedagogically solid foundation of teaching and learning rather than surface level application of a cool tool.

My education hero, Lucy Gray provides an excellent op-ed in edsurge and I encourage you to check it out!

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