edcamp evangelist!



T-minus 12 Days until our 2nd Annual edcamp MetroDC hits the ground running. The last few months have been a whirlwind of planning, tweeting, sponsor-wrangling, and google hangout-ing. I have had a blast getting to know my planning teammates and am tremendously excited for our edcamp. 

I love edcamp with a passion. I first attended edcamp Philly in the spring of 2009 and have attended edcamps all over the country, met colleagues new and old, built great friendships, and most importantly, learned so much! My participation in edcamp has led me to believe that the professionals in the room have innate value and knowledge. I believe that the best professional development comes when practicing teachers share their ideas and connect to one another. I believe that amazing professional development does not have to come in the form of an expensive conference or keynote (though these are nice, of course.) 

When edcampers gather and conversations start to flow, my heart rate increases. When people learn about the power of twitter for professional practice for the first time, my heart simply jumps with fluttering. When we have a smack down, it is amazing my heart doesn’t attack! edcamp has truly stolen my professional heart and I’m an evangelist!

Have you edcamp-ed yet? Do you live in the DC Metro area? Do you love to learn? Do you like free stuff? Did you know that edcamp MetroDC is happening on April 5 at Stone Ridge? Have you registered? Do Not Delay! Check us out and join us, we can’t wait to learn with you.




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