World Read Aloud Day-Blogging Challenge #1

My school is participating in the World Read Aloud Day sponsored by  This event brings together teachers and students the world over the bring awareness to global illiteracy and to share the gift that is reading aloud.

They have offered a 3 week WRAD Blogging Challenging and I am enthusiastically participating. Here is this week’s prompt.

What do you think is special about reading aloud?

“Cheer Bear, who always knew the right thing to say, answered….”

“When I’m as big as Freddy”


“I hoped that Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and I – the Baby Sitters Club – would stay together for a long time.”

“Oh pity the poor Farkle McBride…”

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I can still hear the voices of the people reading books to me. From my earliest years with my Mom perched on the side of my bed reading every Sesame Street, Care Bear, and Babysitter’s Club book on the shelf on through to the voice of my college lit professor lilting through Genesis via Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Reading aloud has made a profound mark on my life. I have never been an official reading teacher but when I have the opportunity to read to kids, I jump on it. I absolutely love immersing myself into a book with a little human. 

I don’t need empirical research to tell me that being read to made me a better reader. It made me curious, it grew my vocabulary, and my ability to read expressively. It helped shape my character and built a bond with adults in my life. When we read aloud to children, we give them so many academic benefits, but we also strengthen the community that comes from reading together.

As we approach our World Read Aloud Day, I see it as a calling to help our children understand the importance and gift they have in their ability to read. By themselves, with their family, and with each other. We must in turn share this gift with others.

Read Baby Read!

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