repost-Until I Became a Teacher

**Here is a repost from my super amazing Kling buddy Suzette Duncan. (My additions are in pink)**

Thinking a lot about being a teacher today.

I think I became a teacher because I love to learn. I think some people become teachers so that they will “know” or be seen as someone who “knows.” We all have had teachers like that. And I think sometimes students believe all teachers are like that.

We are not.

I have learned more as a teacher than I ever did as a student. I have learned a lot about the world, English grammar, ancient cultures, &c., but I have actually learned the most about myself. (I’ve learned about kindergarten number sense and reading acquisition and let’s not even get started on what I can tell you about good vs. bad tech tools. More than anything, I can tell you I’m a grouchy teacher when I’m hungry and I have to work every day at being patient with colleagues who don’t keep my manic pace.)

I never knew that how curious I was about string theory, until I became a teacher. (I never realized how much I care about collaboration and connection before I became a teacher. Change management is my favorite topic.)

I didn’t know I could successfully teach myself to play a beautiful instrument, until I became a teacher. (I didn’t realize I could co-teach 1st grade math without anxiety, until I became a teacher.)

I didn’t know how much friendships could mean, until I became a teacher. (I didn’t realize how much I would need my family to be my #1 champions and my super sounding board every day-until I became a teacher.)

Do you teach? What have you learned as a teacher?

One thought on “repost-Until I Became a Teacher

  1. I love your additions, Sarah.

    Teaching is a great opportunity, not just a job or career. Everyday as teachers we are challenged to take yet another step forward. Some days it feels impossible, and sometimes we skip down the path to more learning. No matter how it happens, though, we are always growing.

    We are in a constant state of becoming (thanks Donald Morrison and Maxine Green.)

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