Circling the G+ Bandwagon

A few weeks ago I jumped on the Google+ bandwagon and thought, “hmmm, do I really need another SM portal to check and maintain?” I was an early adopter and early quitter of the Google Wave fiasco, so I wasn’t particularly interested in another profile to delete. I have done my fair share of reading blogs and reviews of the program. The piece that interests me most about G+ is the concept of Circles. I watched a great TechCrunch interview (which I now cannot find anywhere!) that discussed the concept of Circles. Then this morning I read a good post from Kristen Swanson about the idea of Circles.

I appreciate that I am able to separate what I post into different circles so that my PLN gets my nerdy articles but my friends don’t have to endure them. Facebook does have the capability to separate into groups but with 600+ friends, this is too much. I see the use of circles in G+ to be similar to the use of #edchat or #isedchat in Twitter. I don’t know yet what the unique purposes of each will be or if they will mainly overlap but I look forward to the new connection, at least in a limited way.

Need a G+ invite? Wanna be in my circle? Tweet me @Teach2Connect or look me up on G+.

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