Churn the Excitement

Well, the re-design of the LSL (lower school lab) has not been without hurdles, but it is going incredibly well thanks to the gifted design and construction talents of my new partner in crime at work! Once I settle in there and make a “school-home” it becomes time to really dig into the work of getting teachers excited about the prospect of  technology integration in their classrooms.

I am SUPER excited about this prospect and all the possibilities that can be used to engage student thinking and generate amazing learning results. I definitely have my super-hero-happy-go-lucky hat on but my realistic scarf is never far from me. I know that not everyone will be as super excited about new ways to teach and learn. I’ve only been out of the classroom for four weeks and I totally understand the overwhelming tasks that teachers have to undertake in any given day. But my excitement is undeterred.

I am really looking forward to working with my new colleagues and sharing new ideas. I can’t wait to see what they and the kids can do when we collaborate! In the meantime, I’ll keep churning my idea mill and connecting whenever possible. I will also take any advice from my awesome PLN for strategies for entering the waters of a new school with a new agenda. (Hint, Hint…)

So positive hat (tiara) firmly planted on head and reality scarf hiding in the back pocket, off to churn I go….

(Image: Don’t keep calm and carry on., a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike (2.0) image from blackbeltjones’s photostream)

One thought on “Churn the Excitement

  1. While I am not moving to a new school, we are building a new lab this summer. With the construction, and the expansion of our laptop program to 1:1 in grades 406, I am looking at our technology program in a new light. I would love to collaborate or brainstorm with you! I am at a PreK-6th grade independent school in Southern California.

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