It was announced via email yesterday that I am among those transitioning from my current school to a new school. I wasn’t prepared to have the greater school community know of this transition just yet and I have been greeted by parents with everything from “congratulations!” to “what the he##, who is going to be X’s advisor next year” to just a plain sad face. The kids have asked about it and I’ve replied with “let’s talk about it in May.” I am sad to leave the students I love and have known for five years (some since they were toddlers in the pick up line). I have become entrenched in this community and they are a huge part of my life.

With all that said, I am thrilled beyond belief with the new opportunity ahead for me. I am leaving the music classroom after 9 years and jumping with both feet into technology integration. I will have the chance to grow close to a new set of kids and become part of the fabric of a new community. I am nervous, excited, and looking forward to challenge.

Transition and change is never easy. It is doubly hard when emotions are involved. I think this is a great opportunity to teach the kids about appreciating our time together and applying their lessons in a new setting with a new teacher. For me, it is a great time of reflection and appreciation in the midst of anticipation.

And now, I return to regularly scheduled plan of teaching for 2.5 more months!

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