Friday Bucket Fillings

Being new is tough. Navigating the daily ins and outs yet standing on the balcony. Asking good questions but needing to provide answers. Learning how to communicate to be understood and to understand within this context. It can reach a saturation point sometimes. The bucket feels empty.

Enter today, after an amazing Klingenstein Chat last night and a good sleep, ready to tackle this gorgeous sun-filled day. Wondering what choices can I make today to keep re-filling the soul? Here are some of the choices…

Morning Carpool. (I do this every day but today was particularly special.) The first day of woolen hat wearing for me and it’s Green and Gold Day, so the spirit was flowing.

Lunch with Kindergarteners. “Come sit with us, Sarah!” Well, yes indeed. The discussion ranged from dogs, to the origin of the phrase sloppy joe (Who is Joe and why is he sloppy?), to “my hypothesis about that is…”

Visiting Big Kid Lunch. “Sarah, can you sit with us?” Of course!! Getting to share all about how I got here, hearing some hilarious jokes, and listening to one amazing old lady character voice.

Walking by Recess. Two friends taking turns on the swing with gentle pushing back and forth. As if no cares in the world exist.

Sitting outside to do the grown up paperwork. On top of taking in this picture perfect first day of October…child walks up with teacher. She has established a well constructed thesis for petitioning for the removal of sloppy joe day complete with a quorum of signatures and thoughtful dialogue among her peers. I offered feedback and she is ready to prepare her proposal. (Yes, student voice!) Then, seeing one of my PK friends with her tiger creation and best tiger voice. Oh, yeah.

Popping into 5th Grade PE. An intense game of rocket ship vs. aliens is in play. Of course, I grab a rocket ship and join in on the fun while getting an intense HIIT workout. (Don’t tell my chiropractor!)

Walking Mtg. My Division Head brothers and I took our weekly meeting on the trails. We connected and grappled and continued to intentionally build our team while take advantage of our 140 acre campus.

All School Pep Rally. When the AD calls you to the field for a game, you do a cartwheel and get pumped for whatever is asked! Pizza tag with Seniors was amazing and my competitor side got to come out. Next time, proper shoes!

This is the why, friends. Connecting with and experiencing childhood with the children. Letting authentic relationship building to usurp deadlines. The grown up time and grappling and constant motion are worth it for the dollops of visible fruition hitting the bucket. What an important part of the road today.

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