a week in review 11.1.19

The other day, I received a lovely email blast from Ryan Sheehy with this set of questions around a weekly reflection. I’ve been producing the Currents series for a while, but this format really spoke to me, so I’ll use it for a while. Thanks, Ryan for being a sharer of great ideas!

SBT’s Week In Review

One Thing I’m Doing (Did) To Push Myself

I decided at the end of summer to audition for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus. I was blessed to get in and now spend every Monday night with 200 of my new friends. It is such a gift to sing with dedicated, talented folks. AND, it is a late-night for this lark. I’m pushing myself to keep up with my regular routine of exercise, reading, and morning focus time despite starting Monday with a very late bedtime. Sleep is very important to me, so this is a big push.

One Thing I’m Reading

I’ve started and closed the book, Thanks for the Feedback by Stone and Heen, about ten times in the last few years, but this week decided I need to go back and listen/read/annotate. I’ve been on a growth process to improve my feedback delivery (thank you, Brene Brown, for the phrase, “Clear is Kind”), but I know I need to grow my own resilience and acceptance of feedback in order to grow. I look forward to delving deeper into this layer of growth.

One Thing I’m Listening To

Super Soul Sunday Podcast with OprahThis week, I listened to an interview from a few weeks ago with Malcolm Gladwell around his new book, Talking to Strangers. I haven’t dug into the book, yet, but I know like almost all things Malcolm Gladwell, I’m going to love it.

One Goal I’m Working On

In my ever-evolving relationship with standardized test data, I’ve decided to dig deeper into our data in one area to look for correlations and causations as compared to our in-house data. Of course, I’ve already color-coded a spreadsheet.

One Tool or Resource I Love This Week

Ooh, my teammate, Jill, introduced us to a great new post-It app this week and we completely nerded out in the possibilities for its use

My Favorite Part of The Week

This week, we had a divisional gathering to start our week. We had not done this yet, in my tenure at Trinity, and it was a lovely way to set a tone for the week. I presented the concept of Thirty Days of Gratitude and made a place on my office door for children to express their gratitude each day between now and Thanksgiving Break. Watching our children make intentions to share their gratefulness was pretty amazing and I hope that it is awash with notes by the end of the month! (*I personally am falling the Calm Blog Calendar of Gratitude. Note that this calendar is not for 2019)



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