Currents: Listens & Reads


TED Radio Hour, Maslow’s Human NeedsThis set of snippets all surround the concepts of the hierarchy of needs. I was particularly drawn to the section by Sebastian Junger. A reminder for us that our emotional needs have to be met before we can ever tackle our intellectual ones.

Calm App, The Big Bad Wolf Goes to Anger Management: I absolutely adore Nick Offerman. From his guest appearance on the first season of The West Wing to Ron Swanson to the Yule Log, I’m not sure he can do wrong. This sleep story was absolutely amazing and while it did not make me sleep, at all, it brought joy and hilarity to my evening.

The Goat Rodeo Sessions: This album was released in 2011, but it is brand new to me. With a quartet of cello virtuoso Yo-Yo Ma, mandolin master Chris Thile, bluegrass fiddler Stuart Duncan, bassist Edgar Meyer, this album is eclectic perfection. I found it great driving music as well as focus music.



The Washington Post-History Making Mayor: As a former resident of Montgomery, Alabama, I’m simply thrilled at the election of Steven Reed. He is a remarkable, brilliant man with the foresight and fortitude to take on the layered challenges in Montgomery. The city is already on the rise in so many ways and this victory solidifies that trajectory.

The Washington Post-White Teenage Sons…White Supremacy: The alarm has been sounded…we must protect, educate, and insulate our children from the invasive nature of white supremacy. I’ve seen directly what the beginnings of this look like in teenagers and it is terrifying. “White-nationalist and alt-right groups use jokes and memes as a way to normalize bigotry while still maintaining plausible deniability,” Schubiner says, “and it works very well as a recruitment strategy for young people.” Kids will say, “it was just a joke” but it isn’t. This isn’t about being politically correct–it is about being kind, compassionate, and just.

The Washington Post-How to Talk to your middle schooler so they will listen: Phyllis Fagell is a counselor and therapist in DC and the author of the recently released, Middle School Matters, her work is practical and realistic. Connecting with middle school students is difficult and frustrating, yet, when done well, can yield some of the most amazing conversations you’ll ever experience.

New York Times-Finding Balance in a Tiny, Wobbly Boat-I rowed for four months, from January-April of 2003 on Town Lake in Austin, Texas. I was there for a fellowship and took a risk. It was the most glorious experience. I took to it so quickly and yet, it was so difficult. I felt free. I relished in reading Tara Murtha‘s essay about her experience on the Schuykill. How might disconnecting help us actually connect?



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