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Estimation 180 podcast: A fresh new podcast from Andrew Stadel of the Estimation 180 fame. While this focuses on curiosity and mirroring in the mathematics classroom, some of the key strategies are easily transferred across the curricular spectrum.


I’ve had a blast with some middle grades literature lately. It is so fun to read what the kids read and to have video book clubs with the children of my friends.

Wish: A dear, sweet story of a girl placed with her unknown relatives who finds love, family, and herself through the love of a sweet pup.

The Breadwinner: Read by our kids in Fourth Grade as part of Historical Fiction book clubs, I found this story compelling with beautiful word painting.

Summer Read Starting Early

The Art of Coaching Teams by Elena Aguilar: I have started this one and am about halfway through in considering how to teach others to lead teams, as well as leading my own. I am so impressed with the readability of this work. It is told through vignettes while offering practical protocols for working to build and coach strong teaching teams.

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor: I’m looking forward to digging into this one, which I’ve started on audible already, as part of our Trinity Summer Reading list. I adored Big Potential and have savored everything put out by Shawn Achor this year.

Sidebar: I have been deeply moved by the beautiful tributes and community that have emerged in the wake of the death of modern-day theologian, Rachel Held Evans. As an early follower of her work, I find her example of civil and challenging discourse in an age of rage to be inspiring, motivating, and the epitome of grace. If you are a person of faith or a questioner of faith, I highly commend to you her work, Searching for Sunday, of which I had the honor of serving on the publication launch team.


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