pause. reflect. grace. grateful.

I suddenly find myself with an extra 15 minutes in the day today and decided to take it to just do a blog check-in. I realized I haven’t put up a Currents: Listens & Reads since August. I’ve read a TON and listened a TON, just haven’t codified it. This new school adventure has been a whirlwind since stepping onto campus in early July. Here are the bullet points of reflection thus far:

  • Being the new kid on the block is tough–I have been given the umbrella of mercy over and over again from everyone–but perhaps, not given it to myself as I want to learn all the things right away and expect myself to. (#perfectionist)
  • 357 kid names is a lot, but I offer thanks for my flashcards and our class photos to help me. Also, thanks to the older kids who say, “I’m so-and-so, in case you forgot.”
  • Outdoor ed trips are the BEST.
  • Having a team that works at a high level, all the time is simultaneously intellectually stimulating and exhausting. I’m so grateful for both.
  • My game is upped. And only going uppier. (Yes, I made up that word.)
  • All of these teams amaze me on a daily basis. They are kid and learning centered. They want to grow.
  • Crafting how to BE in the work rather than how to DO the work (thanks Mom for the challenging words) is going to take the whole year.
  • Never underestimate the power of a walk around campus, a dance break, a hug from an 8-year-old, an affirming tweet, an aha moment in math, and READING to children.
  • Making time to pause and reflect, even in a frenetic day/week/month/year where everything is new, MATTERS. So I’ll try to do better.

I get to cherish childhood, empower students and teachers, deepen educational experience, build foundations, and exhibit my own curiosity and creativity every day here. For this, I am thankful beyond measure.

PS-In case you’re wondering….here are some Currents.

READ: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. (stop everything and read this book.)

READ: the books of Christopher Paul Curtis (to keep up with 5th and 6th) as well as The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley

LISTEN: Aspen Ideas To Go: How to Lead a More Meaningful Life at Work,  featuring my intellectual guru, Adam Grant



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