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On a non-professional note, I LOVE Brandi Carlile‘s new album, by the way, I forgive you. It is a masterpiece of passion, text painting, and raw vulnerability. She remains my spirit animal.

How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast: I really enjoyed the episode on Critical Factors Separating High and Low Performers with Morten Hansen What practices separate the high performer from the low? He offers the key practices that differentiate the two.


The Grief of Accepting New Ideas by Rick Wormeli This one punched me in the gut. I have read it several times and am still processing it. I won’t provide much commentary other than to say that honoring the grief within change is just as important as moving the change forward. This quote says it all:

“To quote Bob Dylan, the times, they are a-changin’. We wonder, though, if teachers have the dispositions needed to make fundamental changes to their teaching practices in order to respond constructively to our changing times, especially when those changes reveal that what they were doing was less effective than their egos thought they were.”

The Danger of Teacher Nostalgia by Jennifer Gonzalez Following a similar theme of change and grief, Jennifer (Cult of Pedagogy) tackles how teachers can get stuck in “the way things were” or “have always been” which stunts the possibilities of serving the kids of now. I was also struck by the thought of creating negative stereotypes of kids and classes that they can’t shirk, even when they show growth and maturity. It is so important we live growth mindset not only for ourselves but also for our kids.

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