applying conditional statements to our mindset

I have enjoyed working on a javascript tutorial this morning using to learn how to write conditional statements. I’m sort of nerding out in the joy that comes from writing the precise code to create pop ups and changes the title when I run the code. The gratification of a small task completed successfully. I know, however, that not all statements have one easy answer. The concept of if-then-else can lead us down an array of outcomes.

What if we thought about our mindsets as if-then-else statements? What is we were to open up our thinking about education to allow for multiple paths? What is there could be an “else” model in the way we approach each student?

I think by evolving our mindset this way, we open ourselves to deeper relationships with students and personalization. We break our children out of the box on “one way.” What an amazing thing if we allowed our children to take the “else” path in their learning!

This takes much greater effort. It takes time. It takes trial and error. And each of our children are absolutely worth it.

How are you allowing your students to take the fork in the road that works for them?





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