pause. breathe. love.

It’s no secret. This is a crazy world we are living in. We can so easily get caught up in the noise around us that we are left impatient with change, personalities, and even those we love the most. Well, here comes KP to the rescue with his list of How to Disagree with People:

We watched this in 7th grade leadership and discussed how important some of these steps are to keeping civility and humanity in our community. We are politically divided, like many communities, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our sense of compassion and empathy. Frankly, it means we have to dig deeper into our character to keep our community unified and strong.

For me, the most important element from his list is: Pause. Breathe. Love. As this applies to our current national turmoil, it also applies to so many of our human interactions. (And, if you’re a dog-mama to a high energy mutt like me, to our canine ones, as well.) We need to take MORE time to pause, breathe, and love and less time to react, judge, and discard. We simply must listen openly to other points of view even if they are diametrically oppositional to our own. For this is our greatest gift as humans, the ability to listen–to empathize–to love.

Be of good courage friends. The work we do is sacred and matters not only in the short term for for generations to come. Press on.


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