surprise and yes.

Week before last, I nonchalantly asked my athletic director if we had hired a new Asst. XC Coach as our previous (awesome) one had moved to NC for grad school. He said, “hmmm…” The next day, he came to my office and explained that the new Head Coach needed to resign the team and he was in need of coaches for the season, immediately. I panicked at first and quickly catalogued all the ways my time would be stretched this year–schedule revision, teaching leadership, teaching digital literacy, spending more time in classrooms, engaging in instructional rounds, and participating in Leadership Montgomery, on top of all the regular things I want and need to do with our amazing division.

And, I said, “Yes”, anyway.

This was the sort of surprise that would be able to meet a school goal of all admin serving as teachers-mentors-coaches AND fulfill my own desire to spend more time with students. I love coaching cross country. It allows me to get to know students in a completely different way. It allows them to see me in a completely different way. It will provide an opportunity to use a set of skills that had to lay dormant in the 15-16 school year. My confidence in the choice was assured when a senior, whom I had never met, shook my hand and said, with all genuity, “Thank you for stepping up. I am looking forward to getting to know you because I’ve heard good things about you.” I was blown away by his maturity and grateful for the opportunity to build relationships with students on the grassy fields.

Yes, time will be stretched. Yes, Toby may spend a little more time at daycare. Yes, I will need to remember sunscreen. But, I guarantee that I will get to move the needle on our school mission and live our core values every day with this new group of students and I am simply thrilled.

I am very good at saying No. Comfortable with it, in fact. But sometimes we receive surprises and our YES will take us beyond our imagination in good things. Embracing the yes as teachers and leaders will open doors for us to connect with students. We just have to be willing to embrace the surprise and say the word. #maxcrules

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