Being Human

I am supposed to be at the #move talks for FUSE 16 right now. Instead, I’m holed up in an Atlanta hotel with a wretched stomach bug that began at the start of deep dive and included a glorious-yet-in-an-outdoor-trash bin, vomit. (Sorry witnesses!) Everyone has been genuinely gracious and kind. Yet, I am so frustrated. I loathe being sick. Like most humans, I can power through the sinusy stuff with a zpack, mucinex, and some whining. But when the amazing human digestive system, and mine is pretty hearty, has other plans, you have to accept the humanity.

As a division leader and a teacher, I encourage teachers and kids to stay home when they are sick; to take the time they need to be at their best. So why don’t I allow that same grace for myself? Guilt? (This is an expensive conference.) Sadness. (This  is an amazing conference.) Frustration! (Of all the days in the summer! I’m supposed to work with Refuge Coffee, darn it!) Some desire to be super-human? 

One of the MA teachers here said, “sometimes you have to accept it and give in.” So I’m sipping the gingerale and hoping the saltines might come next. (Thank you dear Richard, for making the run for your sicko-boss.) I’ll end my pity party here and head to prayer and perhaps, the stages of grief.

Sometimes, we just have to be human.
*here are some pix I took before it got bad.*

My playbook.My super awesome keyboard cleaner.Motto.The new bike my empathy partner made for me complete with a buggy for Toby and an air-conditioned cover for bike commutes in the AL heat.

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