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After reading a wonderful reflection blog from the brilliant Bo Adams, I am looking into undertaking intentional practices for reflection. While I consider myself a daily practitioner of reflection, writing these weekly or daily reflections will allow me to grow my practice of learning and leadership in a more concrete method. There is one tool for intention setting that I have enjoyed this year and that is use of the Momentum Dashboard extension for Chrome. I don’t even know where I found it but each time I open a tab on Chrome (and I’m a tab-o-holic), I am presented with a moment of zen via a gorgeous photo AND my daily set intention. I choose a focus that keeps me going throughout the day.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 08.40.35

This sort of intention reminds me that I do not have to solve all the problems of the world in one fell swoop. It can be concrete–“Visit 5 Classrooms today” or abstract–“Be open to hearing constructive feedback” or simple–“Drink Water!” Either way it is based on a need that I set first thing in the morning and provides one point of reflection at the end of each day. I love it and encourage it!

What are your favorite tools for setting intention or reflection?

One thought on “setting the intention

  1. Sarah, I love that you set an intent for your day. What a wonderful way to “preflect” and then use a tech tool to prompt somewhat continuous reflection relative to that set intention. I really appreciate you sharing a reflection strategy here for others to learn from as they think through their own practices. I know I’ll be considering ways to adopt this lesson from you. Thanks. And thanks for the connection to my own reflection practice and prototyping. I really appreciate that.

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