listen and tell your story

My soon-to-be colleagues are doing an aMAzing thing today. They are listening to and telling stories. I don’t know the details as I did not set up or plan their PLC time, but I understand from my soon-to-be mentor and boss that they are watching this inspiring talk by TED prize winner and StoryCorps founder, Dave Isay and then creating telling their own stories as they relate to the mission of MA. What an awesome use of faculty development time!

First, watch it:

And then, consider:

What story do you have to tell about your life’s journey? More importantly, what story do you need to hear? Each of us has a unique story to tell. And so do our children. They can enlighten us with stories of laughter, adventure, and family–sports, animals, and camp. And they can also enlighten us with stories of fear, shame, doubt, and pain. When we listen to the stories, really listen, we gain have the opportunity to develop our sense of empathy and build connections to one another on a concretely human level.

This song keeps running through my head today and while unrelated, hopefully it will inspire you too:

Your story matters. If you need an ear to listen, I’m here.

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