Happy Safer Internet Day!

I was super excited to see a little message from Google reminding me that today is Safer Internet Day. I am feeling a bit sheepish that I didn’t actually know that today was Safer Internet Day but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to shout it out! Now is the perfect time to go through a check-a-doo with your Google accounts. (There is a nifty link at the bottom of the search page.)


This is also a great reminder for parents and other adults who work with kids to make sure you are actively communicating and modeling your family/school/community values for your kids.

Here are some great resources:

Let’s Choose to Create a Better Internet

How Technology Makes Me a Better Parent

Seven Steps for Good Digital Parenting

Safer Internet Day 2015-UK

Safer Internet Day 2015-US

One Good Thing for the Internet


I LOVE the idea of #onegoodthing So I shall add mine…I absolutely love the way that the internet allows us to connect across time and space. I have edu-friends from around the globe whom I could never had met without this fine series of tubes. Also, I get stuff like this when I’m stressed; you’re welcome.

Be safe out there!!

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