edcamp MSDE. (aka, why I love edcamp.)


I’m at one of my favorite places today. I am spending this gorgeous sunny and almost warm day indoors with 200 Maryland educators. We are from all over the state. We teach public and independent and hybrid schools. We teach K-12. We teach every subject. And we are here today to pick apart the blue crab legs of education. (I had to throw an MD metaphor in there.) Our day began with an empty schedule, as all edcamps do, and soon filled with ideas from professional learning and social media to next gen science standards.

Why do I love edcamps so much? They give us, educators, the gift of time. Time to discuss what we want to know and share what we know. Time to collaborate and commiserate. Time to learn new things. We honor that the experts are already in the room. We honor that if someone isn’t getting what they need or want in terms of professional learning, they can use the law of two feet. I have met some of my favorite mentors and friends at edcamp.

This type of learning is so very powerful and empowering. It can be scaled to a classroom or a state (as we are doing today.) This is my 13th edcamp to date and each and every time I walk away with something new.

Have you ever ed-camped? WHY NOT? There are edcamps all over the world! There is probably one near you. If there isn’t, start one. I’ll help you. #edcamprocks

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