Bored and Brilliant

As I was driving the other day, I caught the tail end of an interview with the folks at New Tech City at WNYC talking about their new project, “Bored and Brilliant.”

*i highly encourage you to open this link in a new tab, listen to it, and then come back here.*

The basic premise, as I hear it, is this: we have become so attached to our devices that we have lost the art of spacing out, of mental wandering, of being bored. I know I have…rarely goes a minute these days without being tethered to my phone. I downloaded the Moment app in order to participate in the project and was astounded that I spend over 400 minutes a day just on my phone. Yikes! Almost 7 hours a day that my phone is active. Granted, right now, for example, I am listening to Spotify and not actively engaged with my phone. However, I am toying this post on my iPad. When I finish, it is unlikely my time will be idle.

So how does this effect us? What is this doing to our brains? How does this change our creativity? How does all of this effect our children?

The answer is not so rosy. Check this out…

I want to find a way to break away from my phone and I can’t wait to blog about the results! I hope you’ll consider joining me. They have options to iOS and Android phones and you can subscribe to get a daily suggested practice of boredom. Check back in with you soon!


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