explore.learn.share. #naistof

Our NAIS Teachers of the Future Conference flew by so quickly. We had 48 hours of intense learning, sharing, and bonding only to have to say goodbye from our palatial nest at Episcopal High School and off to our individual homes and schools. We have a clear mission. We are to explore, learn, and share as much as possible in the 2014-2015 school year. Some of us will engage in deeper conversations on specific topics (for me it is student assessment and health/well-being) while some focus on brush strokes of all of our four major topics (to also include blended/online learning and accreditation.) Our conversation has begun and now we are off and away for what is sure to be an amazing year.

I would be remiss if I did not offer my humblest thanks to the NAIS Team: Jefferson, Ioana, Whitney, and John (with Emily, too, we missed you!) and the ToF Mentor Team: Shannon, David, Brad, Michael, Stacey, and Angela. And to my new cohort friends, we are in for a great year. See you on twitter, google hangouts, our listserv and at NAIS Conference in Boston (we are all bunking at Allyn’s!) 

TofCOhort pic

August Begins with a Bang!

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