I came across a new MOOC that appealed to my sense of neediness. Alec Couros, in conjunction with the Dept. Of Education for Saskatchewan, is leading a multi-week course on Digital Citizenship for educators. The course overview sounded like a great medium to dive into conversation with others about living and teaching in a digital world. I’m also interested on how this is presenting in a large scale, government funded (yea Canada!) to a wide swath of teachers. How is the pedagogy learner-centered and is that even possible in a MOOC?

This week we are charged with defining our goals for the course. As stated above, I want to continue my participation in the conversation of teaching and learning in the digital age but also, I’m as a professional development leader-I’m interested in the balcony view of the course presentation and delivery. I will jump back and forth between the learning pool and the balcony as the course goes on. (If these terms seem ridiculous, check out Leadership On the Line.) I will achieve these goals by being an active learner-joining in on the synchronous sessions (when possible, they are in MT time), maintaining a presence on twitter and google+, and by reaching out in our asynchronous time.

Here’s to another learning adventure online!! #dcmooc

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