Joys and Perils Part 3

Today I had the distinct honor to speak to the Parent’s Association of my amazing school. I was so pleased with the turn-out of parents and their thoughtful, engaging, challenging, and gracious participation in our discussion. I am such a believer in the village approach to raising “our” children. I cannot imagine doing my work alone and the work of parents is exponentially more difficult. I tip my hat to our outstanding parents and the hard work that they do, particularly in our competitive, rapidly changing age and location. In the words of one of our parents today, “Be Strong.”

3 thoughts on “Joys and Perils Part 3

  1. Sarah, this is brilliant! I may be emailing you later to ask permission to borrow parts of this. I’m sure it was very well received by the parents. Well done, friend!

  2. Ditto the above comment! I love the humor you bring in with the pictures. How I wish I could actually be there to listen to you explain each one. I think our parents would very much appreciate this kind of presentation. Norwood parents are lucky to have you to have these conversations!

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