What I’m Reading Lately

With my new role being K-8, I feel a bit like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland in terms of time but I have just enough time to share a few quick links of what I’m reading lately (or watching or learning…)


Howard Gardner-Multiple Intelligences are not learning styles, The Washington Post

  • The Grandfather of MI theory explains how his Intelligences are NOT learning styles. Read it a few times and then examine your own thinking of how we learn

Do Bedtimes Benefit Children?, The Philadelphia Inquirier

  • Here is the synopsis-kids need to go to be at a consistently reasonable hour.

Overscheduled Children-How Big a Problem, The New York Times

  • Really interesting article on the pros and cons of a structured or overstrutured schedule for kids. Note the points about reasonable expectations.

Failure of Promoting Failure by Mark Crotty, To Keep Things Whole and What Failure Means These Days by Josie Holford, The Compass Point

  • In response to a thoughtful conversation between Mark Crotty and Josie Holford

Your Digital Footprint-Common Sense Media

  • this video was a hit during my presentation at BMS. The reality was true but not scary.

Video Games and Learning MOOC by Coursera

  • My attempt at completing yet another MOOC. This particular topic is really out of my comfort zone but so far really interesting and digestable.

Talking Back to Facebook, James Steyer

  • this would be a great read for a Parent’s Association, Parenting Book Club, Parent-Child Book Club, Teacher Book Club, etc. Really good information.

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

  • stepping into Pandora’s box of what is happening to our brains due to the internet influx.

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