Hello from the adirondack chair! I am currently on my third professional read of the summer, How Children Succeed by Paul Tough and one thing is clear-belief matters. (A more thorough review is forthcoming.) This isn’t new or mind-blowing information. But what I am gathering is that not all teachers have the beliefs that I hold dear. I truly believe that modeling a growth mindset, preaching success and intrinsic value, providing effective cognitively driven feedback, and loving my students are the keys to their success. For those that need the research to back it up-look no further than this book.


Character matters. We must be instilling our kids with the belief that hard work, perseverance, self-control, curiosity, and many other character qualities will get them much further in life than merely memorizing facts.

This isn’t news but it deserves reiteration! Belief matters.

What do you believe for your students? For yourself as an educator?

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