Affirmation via a Field Trip

**My fourth graders had to write a blog post reviewing their trip to Philly. I’m encouraging them to write beyond summary and to make it personal. Here is my example for them…**

I had the great privilege and responsibility to go on the 4th grade overnight. 18 teachers taking 54 children on an overnight field trip to Philadelphia—what a daunting, exciting, and rewarding task. We waved our goodbyes to nervous parents and hopped on the cushy bus to head north up 95. Our super-secret chaperon groups were revealed and I squealed in delight to finally meet my charges. We explored the museums up and down along the way taking pictures, learning new things, and laughing a lot. This group of girls was a delight-amiable and kind to one another. It was a pleasure to be with them; we named ourselves the Tie-dyed Sparkly Mustaches and even developed a cheer. 

Our biggest laugh of the trip came when I accidentally set off the building alarm at the Penn Museum of Archaeology. There was no sign that said emergency exit or alarm will sound so when someone said “let’s go outside”, I took them literally. With our ears plugged, we exploded into giggles. 

The most difficult part of the trip for me was watching one of my girls become ill. I take the responsibility part of being a chaperon very seriously. To know one of my girls is not feeling well, to gauge her health, need for medications and rest all at the same time remaining responsible for four others-this is as serious as it gets. Our teacher team rallied to its best to care for her and take my girls under their wing as she took an early rest. 

Every time I travel with kids I learn a little bit more about them. I also learn more about myself-how I handle stress, how I organize, how I sustain energy. And each time I return home completely committed to the task of being an educator. It is my joy, passion, and calling and our trip to Philly was the best possible confirmation.

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