World Read Aloud Day-Challenge #3 (Snapshot)

World Read Aloud Day Challenge #3-A Snapshot of My Reading Life

Cat and Books

This snapshot is just one of the collections near my desk in the computer lab at school. I read at work every single day. On days when I don’t work with teachers and students, I spend most of my day reading articles, blogs, resource guides, and books about learning. I love that I have a job that includes reading all the time. Every week at my school we have D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) in lieu of a message at Chapel. It is amazing to experience the entire school reading quietly and enjoying books just for the sake of enjoying them.

At home, we have a house full of books. Shelves, boxes, stacks on the floor, we have run out of space for our favorite read books and our to-be read books. Cookbooks in the china cabinet from Julia to Practical Paleo. The favorites bookshelf that includes the Harry Potter series, The Alchemist, and a Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The “nerdy teacher” bookshelf with the works of Pink, Kohn, Delpit, Marzano, Friere, and Dewey. The triathlon and runner bookshelf with training plans, nutrition guides, and generally strong reminders to get off the couch and go train. And our piles and piles of fiction, religious inspiration (me), and spy stuff (him). I can’t imagine a house without books.

Tomorrow is the big day, World Read Aloud Day. We have an impending snow storm (which we would all like after a year and a half without a snow day) but we will read, loud and proud, no matter what!

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