NAIS Choice Bracket!

I am so excited to once again venture out into the big world and head out to the NAIS Annual Conference. This will be my third year attending at least part of the conference thanks in part to “Friday Teacher Day”. NAIS makes it possible for teachers to attend one day for a discounted rate! Thank goodness my sister lives in the city of Brotherly Love and is offering shelter for a wayward traveler.

So off I go tomorrow up to Philadelphia, hopefully in time to see my Kling-peeps at the reception for alums. Then an early wake up call at Casa Sister to head to the conference on Friday. Here is where it gets challenging. With so many offerings and only ONE day to take it all in, how do I choose?! Since NAIS AC doesn’t have the awesome edcamp “rule of two feet”, I feel like I have to pick and stay in the workshops I attend. So YOU, dear reader, get to help me! I’m going to put up the sessions I’m interested in and hopefully you can help me, via twitter, to choose the right sessions.

I am interested in concrete examples of how I can build a culture of growth mindset, drive change successfully, integrate technology, and lead for curriculum innovation. (Obviously, I’ve set the bar for myself sort of low.) So in the spirit of competition, here are my choices:
















So many excellent choices with really interesting topics. I might have to break the sit and stay rule just to catch some of it all! But help me out, tweet me @teach2connect with the sessions you think I should attend. Are you one of these presenters? Sell me on your session! Are you going to one of these and want me to go to another? Let me know! Let’s put a little fun into this conference.

Are you headed to NAIS? If so, see you there! I’ll be the one who looks like she is in a candy store of learning. If not, keep up on the back channel!

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