some articles of note.

I popped back into my reader today after a nice mental break and have found a lot of great things out their on the interwebs…Instead of being a creator today, I’m going to be a good ole’ fashioned consumer and share things I consumed with you. Happy Reading.

George Couros: 3 ideas that will not transform schools

George does a great job at analyzing three big trends in the edu-sphere, commenting on their faults, and offering alternatives. I’m a big fan of his point of view on “flipping”. Read the comments, worth it!

Lucy Gray’s Ed Leadership Reading List

Global Ed Guru, Lucy Gray @elemenous, has begun a curated list of new and old Ed Leadership titles on Diigo from a conversation started on facebook. I was happy to share mine on her page.

Gary Stager’s take on teachers as facilitators

Gary is not what you call, sugar coated, when it comes to his opinions on things. I don’t always jive with his work or find it 100% realistic, but this is blog takes a look at the semantics of being a teacher vs. a facilitator. I liked Chad Kafka‘s comment the most as it was aligned with my thoughts.

Mark Crotty: Real Innovation…or School as we Know It.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I like this post from November.   He writes, “But, more than anything, I want some assurance that my hopes remain true possibilities. In at least some cases, even emerging realities.” Does our bent towards innovation actually change the classroom?? Let us see.

Alexis Wiggins: If you aren’t trying to improve, you aren’t really doing your job.

Not sure where I found this one, but it is spot on. I’m going to put myself in the learner camp. I applaud her bold honesty.

Here is to a marvelous 2012 and a hopeful look towards 2013. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “some articles of note.

    1. Thank you for posting your link. I’m still swirling a week later based on Gary’s post. (And still stomping my feet at some of the rude comments! Hello, Bob Collier, I mean you!)

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