States Anyone?

Our third graders are beginning their final social studies project of the year. A project on the states. Some are doing papers, some post cards, some creating books, some making comparative studies with yesteryear and today, but all will be studying the states in some way, so I thought I would share the wiki page of resources with you to share with your students!

While I won’t argue the validity of memorizing state capitals in this space today, I will say that finding the Animaniacs video of Wakko’s State Capitals was a great throw back to my school days.

General Search Resources 

  • This links to our research page to help you find search engines like BoolifyKidRexDuckDuckGO, and Sweet Search that help you search safely without using regular google.

  • This is a government authored site that links to each individual state’s kid page. These resources vary by state.

  • information about kids found via the US census

  • Short fact pages for each state provided by the Government Printing Office

  • Mr. Donn’s pages are excellent and link out to many good resources. You will have to “dig” a little but it is worth it.

  • Social Studies for Kids provides succinct articles about many states. (Please note they do not currently have every state.)

  • This site provides almanac pages for each individual state. They are written by the State Handbook guide, a commercial site.


States and Capitals Games from Sheppard Software

  • This page of games has many options and levels to practice states and capitals!

States and Capitals Penguin Game

  • Move your penguin to match states and capitals.

Sporcle’s State Capitals Game

  • Sporcle has no-nonsense quizzes galore. Not flashy or exciting but will help you test your knowledge of state capitals.

KidsPost State Match

  • This game from The Washington Post’s Kids Post has you match the state with common facts and figures.

Line Match Game 

  • Match the states and their corresponding capitals with a line graph. It shows five states at a time.

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