Patience, Grasshopper

SOURCE: Messiah Kahn

As is quite common when working in an environment with a vast number of resources on a network and simultaneously experiencing on-campus lightning strikes this morning, our machines and network are a bit slow to recover. This is normal, not common, but given the circumstances, it is to be expected. This provides an amazing teachable moment for students.

In our 24/7 connected world, the art and virtue of patience dwindles by the minute. I am completely guilty of having my iPhone strapped at my side constantly almost as if it is my third appendage. But the value of patience and flexibility in the midst of challenges (real or perceived) is incredibly important. This morning, network issues led to a need for flexibility of computer use and space choice. It led to mixed success with log-in’s and typing test completion. But it also provided a great moment for students to exercise their patience and perseverance. My most flowery compliments this morning were bestowed on those who had to fight their desire to throw the tablet computer across the room (perhaps this is a slight exaggeration or a projection on my part) and keep trying or waiting. A further discussion about reclaiming found time to breath could also be related to moment, but alas, time pressed on and logging off ensued.

I am grateful for these teachable moments for life lessons even in the middle of frustration and chaos. Deep breaths Grasshopper.

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