couldn’t have said it better

I finally took some time yesterday to check in with my google reader. It had the lovely marking of 1000+ new posts from my subscriptions. I suppose I should read more often huh?! I found quite a few gems, but this particular post from Carol Broos provides the exact sentiment that I feel about technology in schools. I completely understand “I don’t get it” and “can you help me” but it is terribly disheartening to hear “I’m not doing that” or “this has always worked for me, so why change”. If our kids used phrases like that we would not accept it, so why from each other?

I step into a new responsibility this year of working with teachers to integrate ISTE standards in their instruction. The role is not completely defined but I am certain I will encounter discomfort or apprehension with the possibility of realigning curriculum and instruction. I feel like my major role will be that of cheerleader, both for small successes by teachers and for the value that tech integration brings to the classroom. At the end of the day, the most important thing for me is the impact on the student. I hope that objective is one that no one will choose to argue.

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