cool links of day

I had some time to look at “old bookmarks” and found a few nuggets to share with my music teacher folk. (Or people who just like to play cool music games)

San Francisco Symphony: Keeping Score

I used this site in the fall with my gr. 2 students as we explored Beethoven’s 3rd, 5th, and 9th symphonies. They were enthralled watching the musical score play out. It really helped them “hear” with their eyes and ears.

Phil Tulga’s Counting Rhythms

I love all of the resources on this site. The kids have used his Fraction Pies in a lot of different ways with a lot of different kids. I just found this one for the first time and I love love love that it uses a variety of counting systems to read the rhythms. I use the “French” system in my classroom. Likewise, it validated the way that I count rhythms using numbers (I had recently had this questioned by a student and therefore, questioned myself.)

There are so many many more amazing things out there. I will try to post more as I find them.

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