an alternative to email?

My middle schoolers don’t check their email. Their school email that is; the service we use to “communicate” with them about work, projects, games, etc. Alas, by the time they get to 7th grade they just don’t check it with the same fervor with which they check their gmail or facebook. This lends itself to frustrating communicative habits of my oldest students as I do not communicate to them via their personal email and will not, out of principle, connect with them via facebook (it is my personal realm, not professional).(And don’t get me started on how they think twitter is dumb.)

So I stumbled upon wallwisher today and wondered, “would an interesting medium such as this interest my students? My intermediate aged students enjoy using NING but I think that extra step would bother my kids too much in their world of fast moving thinking. And while I’d love to slow them down and get them to take the time to process, alas, I still need a way to get across a digital message. I wonder if a wall such as this one could be an effective communication tool for them? As long as clear ground rules about posting (and checking) are established.

I’m not sure? What do you think? Leave a sticky on my “wall


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