stuck in the divide.

I found a great article today in the NY Times entitled “The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by their 20’s”.  It truly hit home to me the way our children have become accustomed to the speed of the digital age. They do not understand function without digital media.  It also hit home for me personally because I find myself in the divide between the digital native and the digital immigrant. I don’t understand how to “solo” task either. For example, I can’t imagine not being instantly connected to my devices any more than my kids can’t imagine it. I do however appreciate my ability  “to summon the capacity to focus and concentrate when they need to” (Vicky Rideout, p.2). Being a “thirtysomething” on the cusp of the digital divide does have its advantages.

Before I get on the big soap box, read for yourself and respond if you wish. Facebook, tweet, text…I’ll get them all.

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