igoogle vs. tabs-a morning musing.

Here I sit trying to filter through the morning barrage of self-induced stimuli overload and have a morning musing. I think I’m “over” my igoogle page. I don’t think it is the best way for me to aggregate all I want to follow in the course of a day. As you can see, I have the basics-email, calendar, twitter, as well as my reader, the weather, facebook and my google docs. But I can’t seem them all fully. I am only able to process them in bits. That being the entire point of the aggregator. This frustrates me, because I inevitably open them up in tabs anyway. I think (as is faintly visible in the screen shot) I am more comfortable with tabs. If I’m gonna click, I might as well have them open individually. I’m trying to reflect on how this is relative to my needs as both a person with processing issues AND a type A??

Alas, yet another way for my scattered mind to be distracted when it needs to prepare sub plans before school has even begun…..


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